Month 10

When the child cried out

     Crying It is common in children aged 8 months to 2 years, where the child cries and stops breathing for a while. This can cause cyanosis, cyanosis and loss of consciousness for a while, but not more than 1 minute, some children are easily frightened when they are very shocked, they will cry, which while crying is not breathing, we call these symptoms. "Crying cry"

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     Crying is depressing the child of oxygen. The child's body can alter how it sounds when the body is deprived of oxygen. But in some cases it may cry until the body is green and green and the pulse beats all over. Causing the child to become weak Pale or green But when the body begins to return to normal, the body will disappear itself. 

     Crying symptoms can occur for many reasons. Whether it is an injury from an accident that causes the child to feel pain, such as a door clamp or a drop Or a child who was displeased to do something and was forbidden by his mother And the main reason is being pampered until he knows how to do this Mother will always indulge. Therefore, the child continues this behavior.

     When the child has symptoms of holding back Mom shouldn't panic Calm down first And be assured that this symptom does not lead to life What mothers can do to help their children initially are You must make your child breathe as soon as possible. But don't shake him Don't scare May use a hug method Gently pat your back And call your child's name Make him feel warm After a while, the child will stop dragging and crying for a long time. Some mothers are shocked Even more to provoke even more events When you are conscious, the best way Is to hug and touch to comfort the child This will give your child a warm feeling and help alleviate the pain. However, the crying of the child this age Usually disappears by itself within 2 years, if more than this may mean that the mother is dealing with her child the wrong way. Probably need to consult your doctor to solve the problem

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