Month 9

When your child has a rash

     Your baby's sensitive skin can develop a variety of rashes. For that face If it is a small white blister with no red surrounding it. That is caused by the fat blockage. And can disappear by itself within 2-3 months, but if the blister is red like acne Will be caused by the mother's hormones that pass through the placenta to the child It healed by itself as well. But this may take several months.

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  • Rashes that grow on the body and scalp  Will be during hot weather The rash usually appears as a small pink rash that is common on the shoulders and neck. Hot weather Sometimes it may be a small blister of water. When ruptured, the skin color may appear slightly darker than normal, if severe, it may spread down the chest, back and around the ears. Mom tried using a cloth moistened with cold water to compress. Put on thin clothes Let your child or take off your clothes when it's hot.

  • Rash from atopic skin  Making the skin more sensitive to stimuli Your child's skin is sensitive and sensitive, even your own sweat. Thus causing a rash to appear You need to keep an eye on what your child is allergic to, and if you avoid that

  • Diaper rash  Caused by wet diapers or pile up Can cause diaper rash Which will occur in the groin area If irritation becomes easily inflamed. Therefore mothers should change diapers. And wipe the bottom to clean it for the baby often

     The most important thing to take care of when your baby has a rash is Keeping the body clean Should cut the nails of both mother and baby to be short. Prevent scratching or scratching to avoid the ingress of pathogens. It will help keep children away from the dangers of rash.

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