Month 6

Why are hiccups so often?

The problem that new mothers encounter is that their babies are frequent hiccups that are more common after feeding. Which is caused by the expansion of the stomach after drinking milk The milk your baby drinks results in a rapid contraction of the diaphragm. And the other is due to the rapid feeding of the baby Or drink a lot of milk Until it caused the child to hiccup Moms Can Solve Your Baby's Hiccups Problem In which each time breastfeeding Should be given without a rush And should not stop feeding suddenly Which each time there is a feeding that must rest To burp the baby at least 2-3 times if you find that the child still has hiccups. To carry across the shoulder to chase the wind Pat or pat gently on the back for 5-10 minutes to relieve the hiccups.

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Hiccups will gradually Birth less as the child ages In the end, it will disappear on its own or occur rarely. Although hiccups are similar in children and adults. But reducing the hiccups There may be a different way. And should not be used to relieve hiccups used for adults on children Because methods of treating adult hiccups can be dangerous for children, such as holding their breath. Drinking plenty of water Or even scare

MFGM is an essential nutrient found in breast milk and MFGM fortified milk.