Stop late night milk ... can train

Children aged 4-5 months usually sleep at night for 4-6 hours without waking up to eat late night milk. If properly trained Children should be able to stop late night milk at about 6 months of age, which is the age that can sleep at night for 6-8 hours without hunger.

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  • If the child moves asleep half awake Moms do not have to worry and rush in to carry the baby, feed the baby, or lull the baby because sometimes the baby seems awake. But can sleep on their own later May touch lightly, pat the bottom lightly, let the child sleep by itself Should not respond to cries by feeding. Because the baby will not get used to and sleep on her own without breastfeeding

  • Take care and correct the cry of the child according to the cause, such as sickness, ill Wet diapers Or have an insect bite Causing discomfort or pain Then find the cause and fix

  • Should not approach children unnecessarily, such as embracing Light it up Or should not be interpreted as when the baby cries or moves, ie the baby is hungry and then feeds

  • Give each lunch milk full. Practice to eat full milk before bed. Do not let the baby suckle every time he wakes up. Because it will make the child accustomed to waking up and have to suckle And sometimes the child does not wake up hungry.

  • If after 6 months, some babies are already eating formula milk instead of breast milk. To brew milk to dilute it gradually. Until it is water Or brew it to make the original milk meat But reduce the amount of ounces down little by little And reduced feeding time down from the first 2 nights, 5 minutes was reduced to 3 minutes 2 nights later, after that, only water was given. The child will eventually adapt.

The important thing in training your child does not eat milk at night Mother must be patient and patient. At first, the child may be overbearing and refusing to sleep because she is not familiar yet. But if you keep practicing Your child will be able to skip late night milk within a few months.

MFGM is an essential nutrient found in breast milk and MFGM fortified milk.