Smart learn

  • Can separate toys by color

  • Mimic certain adult gestures, such as putting a toy on their ear and doing a speech (Imitating phoning)

  • Better remembering events such as remembering pictures from favorite books I will point out.

  • When you put your favorite toy in a high place Able to stick furniture to pick up things on the table

  • Learn through playing, observing and repeating such as pouring water over and pouring out repeatedly.

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Intelligent movement

  • Stand up on their own

  • Stand up straight

  • Use your hands while walking on the furniture.

  • Walk by yourself 1-2 steps

  • Can open the lid of the box

  • Removable socks

Intelligent communication

  • Can utter a few words

  • Can make many sounds such as high, low, screaming

  • You can use facial expressions and words to say things you don't want, such as saying no or crying

  • Identify organs correctly

  • You can follow simple instructions, such as asking mom for snacks and shoes.

MFGM is an essential nutrient found in breast milk and MFGM fortified milk.

Emotionally intelligent

  • More humor Laugh better

  • Attach the mother and things such as pillows, blankets.

  • Express more emotionally, whether joy, sadness, anger, rage, resentment

  • Has a severe reaction to separation from her mother

  • I know how to wait.

Advice for mom

       If the mother examines the individual skills of her child and finds that she cannot do more of the above. Showing that they have good skills and development, however, if the child still cannot do any of the above Does not mean that the skills in that area Of children always have problems Children need additional support for what they cannot do from their parents You can read techniques for enhancing your child development from the section. "Techniques for enhancing 360 ° intelligent development all around"