Smart learn

  • Interested in toys

  • Watching and smiling at the shadow in the mirror

  • Likes to play with their own hands Follow the objects that fell from the hand

  • Show interest in things around you

  • Likes to explore by grabbing, grabbing and bringing things into their mouths

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Intelligent movement

  • Keep your head straight and turn your head around.

  • When caught, lying on his stomach, lift his head straight

  • Can sit on the seat or lean against the mother for 10-15 minutes.

  • Can turn over and over

  • Began to grab the things in front of him

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Intelligent communication

  • Slumber Responding when people talk to

  • Intonation Vocal

  • Like to look at the mouth of the people who come to talk

Emotionally intelligent

  • Interested in having people play with

  • Smile better

  • Express a greater variety of emotions, such as fun, joy, excitement, frustration, resentment, etc.

  • Remember mother's face and familiar people With a happy expression

Advice for mom

       If the mother examines the individual skills of her child and finds that she cannot do more of the above. Showing that they have good skills and development, however, if the child still cannot do any of the above Does not mean that the skills in that area Of children always have problems Children need additional support for what they cannot do from their parents You can read techniques for enhancing your child development from the section. "Techniques for enhancing 360 ° intelligent development all around"