Smart learn

  • When seeing things that have been seen Make a recognizable gesture by looking still.

  • Emulate sound

  • Known to shake a toy in hand

  • When seeing a new toy, it will throw away the old one.

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Intelligent movement

  • Can lift the neck and lift the chest for a long time

  • Can keep your head upright when sitting

  • Can sit on the seat for 20 minutes

  • Grab your grasp with precision

  • Can transfer stuff from one hand to the other

  • When lying on the stomach, the child can do a glide, fly, move his arms, push the legs, support his arms, do a creep pose.

Communication skills

  • Pronounced like a consonant

  • When calling the name and turning to (showing that he knows his name)

  • Likes to imitate speech

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Emotional skills

  • Can show fear, worry and anger when there is an incident

  • I like to see my own shadow in the mirror.

  • Showing signs of resistance when a toy is picked up

  • Pretending to be happy when he saw his parents Can separate parents from strangers

Advice for mom

       If the mother examines the individual skills of her child and finds that she cannot do more of the above. Showing that they have good skills and development, however, if the child still cannot do any of the above Does not mean that the skills in that area Of children always have problems Children need additional support for what they cannot do from their parents You can read techniques for enhancing your child development from the section. "Techniques for enhancing 360 ° intelligent development all around"