Newborn baby

Although during the first weeks after delivery Mothers will see the newborn babies sleep all day But not that the child will not be able to do anything. Because every time and minute has passed, Mother is able to develop various areas of development. Of newborn babies as well as other infants. It is also an important time to adjust between mother and baby.

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Development of a newborn child  in intelligence and learning 

  • First week of life Newborn babies need approximately 17-18 hours of sleep per day. Getting enough sleep Critical to the growth of the newborn's body and brain. Because while the baby sleeps, the body releases Growth Hormone, which helps in growth and helps increase energy to make the brain ready for learning when awake. Therefore insufficient sleep or not sleeping sound, for example, in a too noisy place. Too cold or too hot It does not affect the development and growth of the child.

  • The newborn's auditory nerve was quite sensitive, hearing something a little startled.

  • When exposed to bright light, the newborn baby squints. Visual performance is not very good. Can only be seen faintly Spacing up to 8 inches only 

  • It can sense the time it is embraced and touched.

  • Able to grab things if they accidentally touch them. Or if the mother tries to insert a finger into the paw of the newborn baby. The child will hold your mother's finger tightly.

  • The difference between sweet and bitter taste can be distinguished 3-4 days after delivery.


Development of a newborn baby  in physical and motor skills

  • The head is almost half the length of the body, allowing the newborn to make limited movements such as limbs, blinking, shaking his head slightly, etc. But most of the movements are in the form of reflexes. For example, if a mother changes the newborn baby suddenly or makes a noise. The child will be startled. The limbs are spread out and then quickly bent back into a wrapping position. Or if your mother tries to push her fingers on her cheeks He will turn in the direction he is touched.

  • Can turn the head from one side to the other Sometimes can lift up and down a little.

  • If the baby is held onto his shoulder, he will try to raise his head and move his body. But if lying on his stomach, the child will sleep in a rounded shape.

  • Mothers can stimulate the physical development of the newborn baby. By holding or massage the touch of different parts. Of the child's body often Will help your child develop physical and learning well

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Newborn development  in language and communication

  • Even if a newborn child cannot speak, it can communicate by making a "cry" sound, for example when hungry. Feeling uncomfortable If the mother responds correctly and promptly to the newborn baby with a stable hold, it will help her feel warm. And being a good-natured child is not difficult


Emotional and social development of newborn babies

  • Each day, a newborn baby has about 3% of his alertness during the day. It is therefore the time when mother and baby should have eye contact to create warmth and familiarity with each other.

  • Children at this age prefer to look at people's faces rather than things. And prefers listening to mother's highs than daddy's bass

  • Newborns prefer to look at patterned objects rather than plain colors. Since no matter what angle or light it is viewed, the pattern remains the same. But the color will change to the brightness level in the room.


You can see that even though the newborn baby is new to the world, he is ready to learn, adapt and develop his potential step by step. We only need to understand and strengthen the development of children in all areas. With proper care