Smart learn

  • Look at things from side to side

  • It can connect things that are easily seen, such as mother with milk.

  • Began to adjust to the daily routine, eating and sleeping more

  • When hearing the sound Made a look that was paying attention

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Intelligent movement

  • When caught lying on his stomach Lift your head up for 3 seconds.

  • Try to grab things

  • Within 1 foot when Mom looks at the face Can respond

  • Holds things for 2-3 minutes.

Intelligent communication

  • Cry when feeling hungry, wet, uncomfortable

  • Still and interested in listening to the sounds that occur

  • Make a clear throat sound "Yeah" "or"

  • Can make a voice response when the mother or the caregiver is talking to

MFGM is an essential nutrient found in breast milk and MFGM fortified milk.

Emotionally intelligent

  • Look at the face of the person you are talking to for 5 seconds.

  • Smile at familiar people

  • Showing signs of joy when someone comes to play

  • Reacting to others with physical movements such as arms raised and legs

Advice for mom

       If the mother examines the individual skills of her child and finds that she cannot do more of the above. Showing that they have good skills and development, however, if the child still cannot do any of the above Does not mean that the skills in that area Of children always have problems Children need additional support for what they cannot do from their parents You can read techniques for enhancing your child development from the section. "Techniques for enhancing 360 ° intelligent development all around"