Breast milk is the best For the good development of the baby

The best food for infants is “breast milk” because breast milk contains various nutrients. Good for your child's health, such as DHA, essential fatty acids that are constituents of the brain and retina. Protein in breast milk helps to strengthen the immune system. Reduce the chance of children having allergies Reduce infection Especially the head of milk or colostrum (colostrum) that the baby should be sucking for the first time after birth. Because they have high immunity Contains digestive aid And substances that help accelerate the growth of the body and brain. Therefore, posture with mom gives the best to your child's body and brain.

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Knowing how much milk a newborn baby needs per day You can use the formula for weight in kilograms times 150 cc divided by 30 (30 cc equals 1 ounce) is the amount of milk in 1 day, divided into 6-8 meals, for example, a newborn weighing 3 kg, calculated according to the formula 3 times 150 equals 450 cc / Day divided 30 equals 15 ounces / day, 6-8 divided meals, 2.5 ounces each (no more than 4 ounces each day + / -).

For the growth of the brain and body Mothers have to give their newborn babies only breast milk continuously.At least 6 months

MFGM is an essential nutrient found in breast milk and MFGM fortified milk.