Train your baby to drink milk from the glass

Bottle addiction is a common problem that affects the development of babies. If you do not train him to drink milk early, then practicing glass feeding can help solve the problem of infant bottle addiction. Which your mother may start from

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  • Let your baby suck milk from a glass with a lid, a glass, practice suction (Sippy Cups) first, because this glass is similar to a bottle that the baby will not refuse. For the first time, the child may have spilled some mess. But when your child gets used to the glass like this, try to eat it from the real glass.
  • Train your child to drink water or drink milk from a glass with a small amount of water for your child to practice sipping first. Initially, the child may choke. Mother has to be careful.
  • When the child is approaching the year Children will use their hands better. Learn how to use a glass, starting with holding a small empty glass so that your child gets used to holding the glass. Together with the children began to understand the order and like to imitate their parents Therefore should teach the child the way to raise the glass to the mouth, drink it to the child and keep drinking water or milk from the glass for the children to see as an example.
  • When the child reaches his age The ball can hold a glass well. Improved muscles, so they can hold the glass better. Should change the feeding of the baby from the glass instead of the bottle at all. Even if your child spills some milk or water, it is a learning and practice. Soon the baby will be able to eat the milk from the glass.
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